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Waterproofing, insulation and French drain installation

The symptoms of inadequate soil drainage

The current symptoms of inadequate soil drainage near the foundation walls may manifest itself by:

  • Presence of a white powder qu’on appelle efflorescence
  • Presence of mildew at the bottom of the interior walls in the basement
  • Presence of moisture and perpetually-damp cement wall and floor in the basement

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The causes

Crack in concrete. After drying it is normal that cracks appear in concrete, this can also happen during its lifetime. This will be a problem especially when the basement is finished.

Lack of drainage. In buildings constructed before 1950, we often notice that there is lack of a drain around the footing. In such cases, if it rains for too long or too heavily, or when the snow melts, hydrostatic pressure can build up on the foundation and cause problems by having water leaks and damaged concrete.

Deficient drain. Drains that have been installed for more than 25 years are often blocked by sand or fine soil particulates accumulated over the years. Whether the drain is made of plastic or baked clay, it could also be broken, displaced or crushed, resulting in its malfunction.

Bad soil around the propety. in certain cases, the soil contains a lot of organic ingredients or elements of too big dimensions. This creates complexes situations of water infiltration. The iron ochre problem is an example of a such a situation.Champoux Pro-Drain has the experience to remedy such problems

High water table. Some houses were built on old swamp sites or close to ancient rivers or ditches. This can cause an abundant quantity of water in the perimeter of the foundation causing the French drain to fail and furthermore, inundation if the system is wrongly conceived.

Solution to waterproofing the foundation: using a membrane and a French drain.

Excavation. We first excavate the work areas using the appropriate equipment in such a way as to cause the least inconvenience possible.

Waterproofing. After cleaning the foundation, special care is focused on cracks and an elastomeric membrane is sprayed on the underground section of the foundation walls thereby assuring perfect waterproofing.

Drainage. In order to protect the membrane at the time of the backfill and to accelerate drainage we may install an incompressible panel under the ground level that will also insulate the foundation. Finally, we install the French drain at the bottom of the foundation walls and cover it with crushed stone and a membrane.

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