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Frequently asked questions

Questions about the company Champoux Pro-Drain

1. What kinds of service do you provide ?

  • French Drain
  • Waterproofing with membrane
  • Insulation of foundation
  • Sewage and rain sewage replacement
  • Foundation repair
  • Crack repair
  • Surface drainage solutions
  • Pyrite removal

2. Do you provide free estimates ?

We will be delighted to provide a free estimate for all of our services. Just give us a call.

3. Do you do your own work, or do you sub contract ?

Yes we do our own work. We do not sub contract nor rent any equipment to perform the work you contract us for.

4. Our trees shrubs and plants are important to us, what can we do to preserve them ?

At the beginning of the work, an area is reserved to store shrubs, trees and plants. You will be required to water the roots during the work period.

5. What do we have to do before the work starts ?

Please contact your municipality and get a permit. If you cannot do this we can provide it for you.

6. Champoux pro-drain and why two companies ?

Prevert is a landscaping and snow removal company that is at the origin of champoux pro drain.

7. What are your certifications and accreditations ?

The Régie du Bâtiment du Québec

sur les produits utilisés.
Garantie à viedu manufacturier

8. What are your warranties ?

10 years on all products
Lifetime from manufacturers
5 years on all workmanship (labour).

9. Can you give us some references ?

We are delighted to provide references upon request.

Il nous fera plaisir de vous fournir des noms en référence sur demande. Notre clientèle est notre plus grande fierté. Nos clients n'hésitent pas à nous référer à leurs meilleurs amis.

10. . Why don’t you use black flexible ABS drains ?

Having inspected tens of drainage systems old and new, we find a lot are clogged or crushed. Repair is impossible without redoing the whole job, so we opt for an infallible product. We install maintenance and inspection wells also.

11. Do you install back flow valves ?

All of our interior installations conform to municipal regulations and to the Quebec Plumbing code.

12. We have a new french drain what should we do ?

We recommend a visual exam every 6 months and a camera test every 3 years. Also we recommend a clean up every 2-3 years.

13. Why should I hire your company ?

Our 10 years of experience have enabled us to be one of the leaders in the French drain and foundation repair industry. We are committed to quality and our constant customer satisfaction attitude brings us an irreproachable reputation. We have the solution to your problem at the best cost.

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